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Audix instrument condenser microphones

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Audix MICRO-D Condenser Gooseneck Instrument Microphone
The MicroD is primarily a drum and percussion instrument microphone for professional stage and studio applications. The MicroD has a uniformly controlled hypercardioid polar pattern and a smooth, accurate response in its frequency range.
This mic is lightweight, compact and simple to use. The MicroD is housed in an aluminum ring and isolated by means of a rubber shock mount system. The MicroD attaches easily and firmly to a standard drum rim utlizing the patented DVICE rim mount system.
- Drums
- Cymbals, percussion toys  (using the Dflex Micro clip)
Audix Micro-HP Condenser Gooseneck Instrument Microphone
The MicroHP is manufactured with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern and provides excellent isolation and feedback control on stage. Used for professional stage and studio applications, the MicroHP is designed with clarity, excellent transient response, resistance to feedback and high SPL capabilities.
This mic is targeted for hand percussion instruments and drum instrument applications. Housed in an aluminum ring and isolated by means of a rubber shock mount system. The MicroHP attaches to the lug of an instrument via the Audix DCLAMP mounting system.
The MicroHP requires phantom power of 9 - 52 V.
- Drums
- Hand percussion
- Cymbals, percussion toys
Audix F90 clip-on condenser microphone for drum and percussion
Gooseneck instrument microphone with integral clamp to attach to drum rims, horns and stands. APS90* phantom power adapter included.
Audix F9 Condenser Instrument Microphone
All-purpose pencil condenser mic with cardioid polar pattern. 11 cm long.

This f9 is suited for instruments requiring detailed reproduction in mid-high and extended high end frequency ranges in live and studio applications. A wide cardioid pick-up pattern paired with high sensitivity, allows close, overhead and distance miking.

With its low impedance and balanced output, the f9 has interference-free performance. This mic operates on phantom power of 12-48 V.

Audix ADX-44 Cardioid Close-Miking Hi-SPL Instrument Mic
The M44 is a part of The Micros Series of miniaturized condenser microphones with a fully integrated preamp and detachable cable.  Unlike the other mics in this series, the M44microphone is designed for close miking instruments with high SPLs such as drums, percussion instruments, brass and reeds. 
The M44 comes equipped with a cardioid or hypercardioid capsule. A variety of clips and accessories are available for drum and percussion mounting. The M44 ships with a 25’cable with mini-XLRf - XLRm connectors, a lug mount clip for hand percussion instruments,  a DVICE drum rim mount attachment with shockmount ring, an external foam windscreen, and a zippered carrying pouch.
- High SPL instruments
- High SPL sound effects
- Cymbals - under or over
- Percussion
- Brass

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