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Audix Accessories

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Audix DVICE-MICRO Flexible mini-gooseneck for rim mounting
Spring loaded DVICE rim mount clip designed specifically for the MicroD and the Micros (12mm body). The clip features a flexible gooseneck that will adjust for height and position and provide strain relief for the cable. The microphone is held in position by a rubber shockmount that is housed within an aluminum protective ring.
Audix DFLEX-MICRO Wide jaw butterfly clip. Shockmount for Micros
Optional DFLEX mounting clip for The MicrosTM series. Dual pivot arm and extra wide butterfly jaws. Works with drums, percussion, stands and piano rails.
APS-910 In line phantom Power Adapter
The APS910 is a professional phantom power adapter designed to convert 9-52 volts of phantom power to 2.5 volt electret microphones with an internal impedance converter and internal load. It's supplied with a wide range of Audix electret condenser microphones.
Features include immunity from RF, low noise circuitry, gold plated input and output connectors, RoHS compliant. The APS910 is manufactured with a precision die cast zinc alloy, durable black E-coat finish and gold plated XLR connectors.
The APS910 phantom power adapter is provided with the following Audix microphones:
ADX Series - ADX10P , ADX20iP , ADX40  & ADX60
Instrument Mics - MicroD , MicroHP , f90  and L5P

The APS910 phantom power adapter is also compatible with the following Audix microphones:
Instrument Mic - ADX10FLP
Headworn Mics - HT2P , HT5P , HT7BG3P  and HG7B3P
APS-911 Battery operated phantom power adapter
Optional phantom power adpater for use with electret condenser microphones.  Runs on AA batteries when phantom power is not available.  Features on/off switch and bass roll-off filter.  Connectors are standard XLR-m to mini XLR-m.
May be used with ADX10P, ADX20iP, ADX40, ADX60, f90, MicroD, MicroHP or L5P.
STAND-MB Heavy duty pedestal base mic stand for use with MICROBOOMs
Pedestal stand with heavy-duty weighted base. For use with the MicroBoom™ for presentation style vocal. Minimum height is 12.8” and maximum height is 21”.
D-FLEX, Dual pivot rim mounted clip
Dual pivot rim mounted clip with extra wide butterfly jaws. Attaches firmly to drum rims, congas, mic stands, drum stands or goodie table. Comes stock with DCLIP but can be used with any standard mic clip.
D-VICE, Flexible mini-gooseneck with rim mounted drum clamp
Flexible mini-gooseneck with spring loaded rim mount clamp. Includes DCLIP plastic clip for D Series. Provided with all D Series mic packs.
SMT19 Shockmount clip - 19 mm in diameter
Propietary shockmount clip designed for use with the TM1, SCX series, ADX51 and any microphone with a 19 mm diameter. A thumbscrew tightens the mount into position.
SMT25 Shockmount suspension system for pencil condenser mics.
Optional low profile shock mount system with nylon cable and thumbscrew for positioning: Models SCX25A, SCX1, ADX51 and TM1.
SMT-MICRO, Shock mounted stand adapter for Micros series
Optional mic stand adapter with rubber shockmount housed within an aluminum ring. May be used with any Micros Series mic. Attaches to any standard 5/8 inch threaded mic stand.

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